William talks about Hazard's departure, cries when speaks of his mother
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William talks about Hazard's departure, cries when speaks of his mother

Chelsea winger Willian had an interview featured on Sunday for Esporte Espetacular, Brazil’s most important sports TV show.

He was interviewed by a former Corinthians and Brazil striker, Walter Casagrande, the first subject was about his childhood club.

Willian, who started his career at Corinthians, confirmed that his entire family support the club. He also made clear that if he returns to Brazil, “the side who will have his preference are Corinthians.”

The 30-year-old was also asked about Eden Hazard, who used to be one of his best friends at Chelsea.

“Yes, a great friend. When a player of this level leaves, with the quality he has, he’s missed by any team. He will succeed at Real Madrid too, I have no doubt,” Willian told Globo.

“In those six years we played together, I decided half of the games, he the other half (laughs). No, but he decided several games for us. No doubt, he’s a great player.”

The interview got emotional when Walter Casagrande asked about Willian’s mother, who passed away three years ago. The player cried when remembering her, and could barely speak.

“It was really hard to lose my mother. She always said to me: ‘You’re going to wear the national team’s number 10 shirt one day. And I’ll see you wearing the 10 shirt.

“Unfortunately it didn’t happen. But life goes on. And I think I’m doing everything for her so wherever she is, she’s smiling. She wants to see me smiling.

“Today, thank God, I just miss her, and it gets bigger every day. But it really was a difficult situation and a very complicated time.”

Willian first got to wear Brazil’s number 10 this year. He had been left out of the Copa America squad, but due to Neymar’s injury, he was called up and took his shirt.

Compiled by: Emmanuel Ayoola Adetinkan
Published: 7-30-2019