Paul Pogba will even have conflict with Zizou - Sale
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Paul Pogba will even have conflict with Zizou

The man who helped discover the World Cup winner believes he knows why the French star has so many clashes Paul Pogba would clash with Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane if he moved to the Spanish capital, according to the recruiter who helped start the Manchester United's star career. The World Cup winner has been consistently linked with a transfer to Los Blancos since declaring he wanted a new challenge prior to the Red Devils' pre-season commencing.

But the man who discovered the superstar midfielder says Pogba will have conflict with strong-willed managers whichever club he plays for - citing the issues with Sir Alex Ferguson that saw him leave Manchester United the first time. "If Paul has a coach with a strong personality around him, in time there will be a clash somewhere," Le Havre head of recruitment Franck Sale told Optus Sport .

"When he left for Juventus a few years ago, with Alex Ferguson that was very complicated too. Paul didn't concede because he has such a strong character. So when he says, 'I'm leaving', he's leaving. "If tomorrow he goes to a big club like a Real Madrid, he'll still have his conflicts even with Zizou (Zidane)."

Sale's scouts spotted Pogba playing on a Paris city ground when he was 12 years old and in a two-year period he was signed by Le Havre to continue his football development. His experiences with the French playmaker lead him to believe that the star is yearning for a new environment, with the situation becoming too stale at Manchester United. "Paul is a man who needs to be challenged. I think he is becoming too comfortable at United. It's not as demanding for him as it was a few years ago," Sale said. "I think he is ready for a new challenge, that's obvious. I can see him leaving for another big club searching for this new challenge."

Sale recounted Pogba, aged 12-to-13, having no issues dealing with players that were 18-plus, revealing he was a leader even at such a young age. However, he feels that some critics see Pogba's mindset as 'arrogance' when it's actually his confidence shining through his personality.

"It was him who led everyone, so I'm not surprised by his strong personality today," he said. "You could see that he was already technically skillful. He possessed a strength of character and had a self assurance that some would call arrogance. "He was someone that was sure of his fate, sure of his qualities."

Compiled by: Emmanuel Ayoola Adetinkan
Published: 31-Aug-2019