Messi can leave if he wishes
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Messi can leave if he wishes

Bartomeu: Messi can leave if he wishes

The Barca TV president assures Barça TV that he went to sign the Brazilian as "an extra" and "because he asked for the sports area." "Messi hasn't asked for it." He adds that “we never put players on the table”

Can Neymar come in January?

Do not.

Was Ligt objective?

Yes. But he decided not to come.

Did the dressing room refuse to sign Griezmann?

No. They don't think, well, they can say, but the decisions are planned with the technical secretary.

Do you admit that there was Neymar case?

From a moment, there was. It was an extra that was not planned. We know that the doors open and other clubs negotiated with the PSG. From there there is a negotiation that does not come to fruition.

Who decides to sign Neymar?

It's sports, Abidal, Plans, Valverde, scouts. And they tell the board to go for him.

Did the players ask for it?

I will not reveal private conversations, but it was an illusion that I would return because I was a former partner.

They only raised barter of players?

We never put names on the table. The PSG asked for them, they were not offered by Barcelona. There is a time that those demands were unassuming.

About Operation Neymar: "We never put names on the table. The PSG asked for them" But you just wanted to pay with players and then money?

The PSG asked for it. They asked for a loan and a mandatory purchase option.

Have you done everything possible to sign Neymar?

Yes. Grau, Bordas and Abidal have worked hard.

Didn't they put on a play to please players?

They also tell me that we set this up for the media to live

Did Neymar do everything possible?

He told them that he just wanted to go to Barça. He did what he had to do and what was possible. Now he will play in the PSG.

Do you know that there are disappointed players?

And partners too. There were opinions for all colors.

Did Messi tell him to bring Neymar?

No. That is an urban legend. They do not send. They are professionals.

What weighed more on the idea of going for Neymar?

The sports component. It is always so.

Didn't they consider the way he left?

Some partners cost more than others. When they explained to me athletically that it was important, I bet to come.

What happens from saying "closer" until it breaks?

They are negotiating things. I will not explain details of a long negotiation, because it would also harm the PSG. Until nothing is signed, it cannot be said.

"Neymar told them that he just wanted to go to Barça. He did what he had to do" Bartomeu

If Dembélé accepts the assignment, would Neymar be?

It has nothing to do with it. It has come with crazy desire to do it well.

Discard that I can come in a window?

At the moment, it is ruled out, but in January or February we will talk to the technicians.

Do you still think that Barça can sign any PSG player?

Nobody wants to sell their good players.

Was Madrid behind?

At least three were, I can't say their names.

Why the remodeling of grassroots football?

We weren't very happy with the way things were going. Pep Segura did an important task and now there are people who have taken over and I as an admirer of Paco Seirullo wanted the area of methodology to be enhanced.

Have you not been very active in the De Jong case?

They might not have caught my cameras. I was active with De Jong because they asked me to. I try to collaborate when asked.

How is Messi's contract?

Before you start your last season you can go wherever you want. We don't have to worry because it's as culé as Xavi or Iniesta, who also had this clause. He has earned the right to decide. We hope you stay longer. As president I am very calm.

Is Messi surrounded by the best?

We do everything and more to improve the team. Every year we have a better team than the previous one. A lot has been won, but there have been matches in which the punctual performance has not been given.

Are the best winners of the Leagues or Champions?

Those who win everything. The main objective is always LaLiga, then there are the qualifying championships.

At what point is Espai Barça?

Quite advanced. The Estadi Johan Cruyff has been inaugurated and probably on the 24th the Mini will begin to be demolished. We will have a party, well, an act.

What is the road map and will the budget and payment method be maintained?

The roadmap exists and will end the year 24, the financing issue was based on an initial budget, now the architects are refining the figures. It could go from 6000 to 685. We must explain it to the partners. We need to fine tune the tittle rigths to have extra income, but it is an issue for which we have time. I am satisfied because what we anticipated we have already obtained, but that must pass by assembly. It is very worked. We will see how they are financed.

On whether Madrid was after Neymar: "At least three were there, I can't say names" Has the financing model changed?

The figure has changed because the costs are different and we have more roof to build. You also have to remodel the neighborhood. Also the stadium is not as good as we expected. The financing will not harm the sporting aspect of the club.

Do you think that Estadi Johan Cruyff is small?

Hopefully. We have done it with the minimum capacity, but it is expandable.

What is the partner's feeling towards the board?

Mr. Vives will present the Observatori where it will be seen that the satisfaction of the member is high with the board, more than a 7, and is very excited about the next season.

What do you think about the electronic voting debate?

When possible we would like to introduce it. There have been bad experiences like in the Chamber of Commerce or the Diagonal tram referendum. When it is reliable and allowed by law we will introduce it. What could happen is that the vote is in different venues and not only in the Camp Nou. Put headquarters in Catalonia and Spain

Do you have a successor in mind?

I will not say the name, but there is a person who has a certain interest. It's not the moment. There are two seasons left, we will not make a public demonstration.

If I could, would I introduce myself again?

It is hygienic that cannot be done by statute.

Will the position of sports vice president be covered?

If there is someone I see fit, I would cover it.

Can Carles Puyol be a sports manager?

We are talking and hopefully we will reach an agreement. It can contribute a lot. He was with us for a few months. No hurry. I would like it to come back as Kluivert or Valdés have done.

Will they increase revenue?

To compete with the teams there are necessary. We are at 990 million and now we will exceed one thousand by little and that helps us a lot. It will be 1,060 million euros.

How much of this money is spent paying athletes?

Between 600 and 650 million. If it were the NBA, which are franchises, everything would be more regulated, but it's another world.

Is Barça at a dangerous point in the salary limit?

We are a club admired for its management. We have a high salary mass, but because we want the best in the world. We are not at the limit. We can do more, but we are committed to spending care. We do not want to borrow. The club is robust and the economy is strong. We also sell players and there we are improving. We get big numbers.

And the base football?

We invest about 20 million annually. We are the ones that invest the most in Europe because it is in our DNA. There are players that start to appear for the first team like Riqui, Ansu, Ilaix or Abel Ruiz.

Is the payment of the Griezmann clause not an example of economic weakness?

No, it was a normal operation. There are teams that owe us money and we place that debt and complete it with a bridge loan.

Are you considering uploading the subscription?

No, only the IPC. The last increase was made by Laporta in 2003. You have to keep prices low to remain a popular club.

What debt does Barcelona have?

We are at a level of normal debt that meets the ratios of the club. The debt with Espai Barça is 217 million euros. That is why many entities want to do business with us and lend us money.

How do you rate the closing of the market?

It has been a long summer, but the template was already profiled long ago. We wanted a midfielder, a left defender and a forward. We have them and we are very satisfied. The workforce is more competitive than last year. It is short. With Valverde we are happy, he knows he has a demand and I am happy.

Compiled by: Emmanuel Ayoola Adetinkan
Published: 11-Sep-2019